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Tile brands

At TileBoutique, we endeavour to provide you with quality products. Quality products generally mean name brands. At present, we source product from three trusted tile manufacturers: Cerámicas Aparici, Gres de Aragón and Keraben. All are leading companies in their industry sector by international presence, experience, production capacity and quality. Each of the above companies is at the forefront of design and innovation.

However, not all quality brands have an international presence. We also work with smaller companies and artisans who adapt to modern challenges and make good quality, original products. Leaders in the manufacturer of Andalusian tiles are predominantly smaller craftsman such as Ceramica Campos.

Looking for a different product or brand? Contact us. We can also supply Porcelanosa, Venis, Ceracasa, Tau and many more. Share your project with us and we will do our best to help you.

Logo de Ceramica Campos

Dedicated to the manufacture of handcrafted ceramic tiles using traditional Spanish techniques

Ceramica Campos is a family owned and operated business that was established in 1939 in Seville, Spain.  Ceramica Campos is dedicated to the manufacture of handcrafted ceramic tiles using traditional Spanish techniques.  Each tile is fired in an oven and handpainted as demonstrated in this video.

Ceramica Campos manufactures different types of traditional tiles:

  • Cuerda Seca (dry rope) tiles: This technique uses different water-soluble coloured glazes on ceramic surfaces. To avoid the different colours running together during the firing process, thin lines of grease with dark composites are applied to ensure the glazes remain separate. These dark lines cook onto the tiles leaving thin, black lines between the coloured patterns. The cuerda seca technique has been used for centuries in Spain as well as Central Asia and Turkey.  Ceramica Campos has three collections using the cuerda seca technique: the Sevillana and Europe collections are gloss tiles while the Rustic Collection have matte finishes.
  • Sobre Vidrio (over glass) tiles: These tiles are first hand-painted (typically the background colour) then fired in the oven leaving a normal glazed tile. A design is painted on top of the initial glaze and they are recooked. This process results in an ultra glossy finish, otherwise known as overglazing, and provides additional richness and depth. Tiles can be a single colour or decorative  in a variety of patterns and colours.  See Ceramica Campos’ Pincelada (Overglazed) Collection.
  • Murals: All of the murals available are generally produced on a bespoke basis. Choose a theme (bullfighting, horses, coats of arms, flowers) or you can base the mural on a photo. Murals are prepared using the overglazed technique although can be prepared in combination with the cuerda seca technique for a unique composition.

In addition to the above tiles, Ceramica Campos can produce custom-made tiles to fit your exact needs. Ceramica Campos’ craftsmanship and dedication to quality enable you to create something special in your home or business, which is why TileBoutique is proud to be its first UK retailer.

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More than 50 years working in the ceramic sector

Cerámicas Aparici was established in 1961 and is based in Castellón, Spain. It is one of the leading companies in the global tile industry. Their focus on quality work, innovation and experience has enabled them to adapt to a dynamic and demanding consumer market. Cerámicas Aparici produces a variety of tiles using a range of materials: ceramics, white body, porcelain, sandstone, marble and other stones. Its tile selection has different styles from contemporary to classic but also includes a luxury line of tiles. The diversity of broad inventory of tiles allows Cerámicas Aparici to shape trends and products, giving the customer diverse options to develop something personal. This approach aligns to TileBoutique‘s philosophy of facilitating its clients in the creation of unique spaces.

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Keraben has been in operation since 1974. It is one of the world’s leading ceramic tile groups and is present in more than 120 countries. It manufactures and sells ceramic tiles, special pieces, accessories, hydro-massage systems and shower solutions. Other brands from the Keraben Group are Metropol, Atenea, Acquabella, Collage, Keratrim, CasaInfinita and Signo. Keraben Group’s intense research and its ongoing quest for innovative products led to the creation of collections such as Marathon, which holds maximum resistance ratings based on international standards, or Camino de Santiago, the essence of natural-looking rustic ceramic tiles and its high-performance floor tiles offer maximum resistance guaranteed for 20 years (sold under the Marathon trademark). Keraben’s aim is to create spaces with a unique personality in terms of design and quality, featuring a wide range of decorative pieces. Their collections allow you to have standalone decorative tiles but also they have a focus on designer border tiles to complement a high quality base tile. Together, they can make your space come alive. Keraben offers varied selections for bathrooms, kitchens, walls and flooring in a wide range of colours and styles. The quality and versatility of Keraben’s product offering is why TileBoutique is promoting Keraben tiles.

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Ceramic solutions based on maximum quality and design

Gres de Aragón, offering quality and service for over fifty years.

Gres de Aragón is part of the leading business group SAMCA, a family-run business based in Aragón, Spain. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of extruded tiles (ie. terracotta tiles) and has been active for more than 50 years. They supply a wide range of exclusive designs for high quality wall and floor tiles with outstanding specifications. Although it also produces tiles for internal use, Gres de Aragón has had a key focus on developing tiles to withstand extreme environments (outdoor patios and walking spaces, swimming pools, etc.) Gres de Aragón uses the finest natural clays in its production processes: top quality raw materials that are fired for 24 hours at temperatures of more than 1,300ºC to produce fully vitrified tiles that are extremely tough and offer outstanding technical specifications. These processes guarantee the resistant and timeless nature of their products. The quality and durability of Gres de Aragon’s products make it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. This attention to quality is why TileBoutique recommends Gres de Aragón products.

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Gres Aragon