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“TileBoutique’s primary aim is to locate and sell original Spanish tiles from creative, high quality manufacturers at a reasonable price to enable both individual and professional property owners to build unique and beautiful spaces.”

Who we are

TileBoutique’s primary aim is to source and sell original products from creative, high quality manufacturers at a reasonable price to enable both individual and professional property owners to build unique and beautiful spaces.

TileBoutique is a family business and is part of the Manfer group of companies. Manfer started in 1920 in the construction industry. Back then, the focus was on residential property development with a focus on mansion blocks. With time, Manfer’s business evolved to include not only new developments of fully detached luxury homes but also the refurbishment of existing properties and property management.

TileBoutique is part of Manfer’s UK operations (www.manfer.co.uk). By taking advantage of our experience and expertise in property development and property management, we are able to select and supply the best quality products to our clients. At the same time, we know from our experience that quality does not have to mean expensive. Finding good quality product at a good price is achievable when you know where to look.

At TileBoutique, we offer a variety of styles and designs – from traditional to innovative – for interiors and exteriors – for kitchens, bathrooms, any room. Today’s bathroom products have a wide range of styles and uses. Each manufacturer that we work with brings something different to the table so we can offer you options for making a statement about your home, room or space.

What we do

From tiles to bathroom fixtures, we are here to help you at TileBoutique, . Perhaps you know exactly what you are looking for and simply want our assistance in obtaining a specific product at an affordable price. We can help you do this.

Many clients do not know exactly what they are looking for. Many are looking for product or concept ideas. We can suggest products that match your project instead of adjusting your project to what is available in the high street. We can offer design assistance to provide you with new ideas about innovative products that you may not have seen in the high street, in the UK or even online.

In either case we can help you with our “personal shopper” and “hassle-free shopping” services.

Personal shopper service.

Due to the vast variety of brands and products, stores specialise in a limited number of them. Most stores either do not supply every brand or their prices are not as competitive for all of them. We save client’s time and money by:

  • Looking for the products they want regardless of whether they are on our product list or not.
  • Making sure that those products fulfil not only the client’s taste/expectations but also the technical specifications to be properly fitted together.

  • Giving advice on product differences to achieve best value for money.
  • Finding reliable suppliers and best prices for those products.

Hassle-free shopping service.

Once you have decided on a selection of products to develop your unique space, TileBoutique will provide you with a quotation and supply all the products. We help client’s by:

  • The client does not need to deal with several suppliers but only with one coordinator through the whole process.

  • Centralising the purchasing process.
  • Taking responsibility and care of any delivery and after-sales issues.

“Once you have decided on a selection of tiles to develop your unique space, TileBoutique will provide you with a quotation. TileBoutique is able to offer our clients high quality materials at affordable prices.”

How we do it

Once you have decided on a selection of products to develop your unique space, TileBoutique will provide you with a quotation. TileBoutique is able to offer our clients high quality materials at affordable prices for three principal reasons:

  • TileBoutique is a just-in-time vendor, we do not maintain inventory in stock. Storage costs are a key cost to high street vendors. This is why they only stock a limited selection of tiles – tiles that have universal, basic appeal and will turnover quickly. These are not products that will help you make a statement about your space. Instead, TileBoutique only places bespoke orders to our trusted manufacturers upon a client’s purchase. Stock is delivered directly to the client.

  • TileBoutique does not have an expensive store-front location. Maintaining a high street shop can be costly. The cost of maintaining a high street shop and the related administrative charges can rise such that it is not possible to offer high quality product at affordable prices. While this may not enable you to go into a store to examine the product, most high street shops only carry “standard” products. Therefore, if you are looking for something different, going to a shop may not be a solution. Not having a store-front location helps us to keep our costs low. We can then pass these savings onto you. However, if you are in London, we can arrange for viewings of samples – just not in a shop. Call to book an appointment.

  • TileBoutique can buy products from both distributors and manufacturers. This enables TileBoutique to tap into a wider variety of product at potentially lower prices. The cost of sourcing tiles (and other products) from manufacturers is often cheaper than sourcing product direct from distributors. Transport costs are also reduced because product is shipped directly from manufacturers rather than making an additional stop at a retail location or distributor (normally, this will depend on quantities ordered). TileBoutique compares the distributor’s price with the manufacturer’s price plus the cost of shipping and chooses the most advantageous option for the client.

By adopting a just-in-time inventory strategy, maintaining only a virtual store front and taking advantage of manufacturer trade prices, TileBoutique is able to reduce its cost of high quality materials so that you can enjoy more affordable prices.

All quotations include the cost of shipping direct to you (or your development site). Delivery times vary depending on products and manufacturers (particularly for bespoke products). You will be advised as part of the quotation when the product is expected to be delivered. We can deliver anywhere in the UK or Europe (for worldwide deliveries, please contact us).

Our clients

TileBoutique’s customers like being current with the latest design trends. They understand the importance of high quality, want value for money and are keen to have something different.

TileBoutique has something to offer to:

  • Individuals who are looking to renovate their homes (or build a new home) for personal use in a way to express more character and personality.
  • Professionals who provide advice to individuals aiming to renovate their homes or those focused on redevelopment projects. These professionals include estate agents, private property developers, architects and interior designers.

TileBoutique is for those individuals and professions for whom price is not the only selection criteria.

“We have chosen tile ranges and models based on quality, innovation and new trends criteria. All tiles have been sourced from high quality Spanish manufacturers and artisans.”


What is so great about Spanish tiles? Spain has a very long history of being master tilemakers. Spanish craftsman were making tiles even before the Muslims arrived in the eighth century. Back then and through medieval times, tiles were produced for practical purposes (roofs, etc) but also for decoration (notably painted tiles). Many examples of this craftsmanship can be seen throughout Spain in its great cathedrals, churches, bridges and palaces but also in residential homes. With time, the practical use of tiles was expanded to include flooring, kitchens and bathrooms as well as patios. Even today, Spanish tilemakers are noted as master craftsman. Given their rich lengthy history of tilemaking, Spanish manufacturers remain at the forefront of the industry by continuing to use traditional techniques, which are complemented by new modern approaches and styles to tilemaking.

At TileBoutique, we have chosen tile ranges and models based on quality, innovation and new trends criteria. All tiles have been sourced from high quality manufacturers and artisans. There are four styles of tiles that we can offer you.

  • Modern tiles (ceramic, porcelain and glass). These tiles have been chosen focusing on new trends and are supplied by some of the main manufactures in the tile industry. This is a challenging tile range with new textures, colours and patterns every year.

  • Traditional Spanish ceramic tiles from Andalusia. These colourful tiles transport you to the warm and lively Andalusia. TileBoutique sources them from the artisans who craft them using traditional techniques.

  • Quarry (terracotta) tiles. These tiles are well known and available in the UK. We also supply some less known terracotta collections that combine the traditional strength of quarry tiles with new designs, making them attractive for modern city homes.

  • Bespoke tiles. From historic buildings to football club codes of arms, clients can choose or create their own tile designs that will be created by artisans.

TileBoutique’s primary focus is on Spanish tiles specialising in unique brands and styles thereby differentiating from the standard tiling market.

Bathroom fixtures

We are also pleased to offer other products and construction materials for bathrooms and kitchens that you might also need help sourcing at an affordable price. We source these items from both manufactures and distributors.

  • Bathroom fixtures. Bath tubs, showers, sinks and even toilets can make a statement about you and your bathroom. Bathroom mixtures have come a long way from the standard models that were (or still are) in our parents’ bathrooms. Great examples are the award-winning Roca washbasin and WC combo or its innovative In-Tank Meridian.

  • Bathroom and kitchen taps. There is a wide range of taps and other fittings that TileBoutique can source for you to complement your new tiles. From finely-designed traditional styles to modern looks, get all the parts for your bathroom refurbishment in one location.

  • Kitchen worktops and vanity countertops. High quality countertops are not just made of marble. New composites are now being used as alternatives to marble including Silestone, Dekton, Neolith, Krion and Corian. These materials can be formed to create single, seamless countertops (with or without a sink), shower pans and bath tubs. Engineered composites have a gel coat surface finish which makes them impervious to bacteria, staining and most of the problems inherent in natural stone. Solid surface sinks can be joined to the countertop surface with no gaps, which eliminates areas for water to collect and bacteria to grow. If these composite materials become scratched or broken, they can be repaired quickly by a certified solid surface repair company or trained fabricator. A countertop that has undergone years of wear and tear can be refinished because the surface is solid throughout. Solid surface is available in hundreds of colours and visual textures. Colour and design flexibility are key factors when choosing engineered composites over natural stone.

  • Bespoke cabinets. Do you have a space that is non-conventional in size or shape? Having troubles finding something in the high street shop that will fit that space? Or perhaps you are looking for something special that seems to cost a fortune on the high street or that you just cannot find exactly the cabinet you are looking for? Bespoke cabinets can be the answer and do not need to cost the earth. We work with trusted and experienced cabinetmakers that can make a cabinet to your unique specifications. Whether it is for a kitchen or bathroom, our suppliers can construct something with the texture, colour and style that you are looking for.