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Rustica Collection

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Collection's Brand: Cerámica Campos

Traditional, handcrafted tiles using the Spanish Cuerda Seca technique. Rustica tiles have a matte finish and come in various sizes and designs using earth tones. Combine tiles to make patterns as complex or as simple as you want. Bespoke designs and colours are available as well as the option for gloss finish.

Price Range:

Tile sizes available

  • 5.9” x 5.9” / 15 x 15 cm
  • 5.9”x 7.9” / 15 x 20 cm
  • 17.5” x 23.6” / 45 x 60 cm
  • For other sizes, please contact us.
You can also download Ceramica Campos’ PDF brochure of all its collections.

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