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Bespoke tiles

In addition to the wide range of tiles that we supply, we can also produce custom-made tiles to fit your exact needs. Each tile is hand-painted by artisans using traditional Spanish techniques converting each idea into a truly unique piece of art.

Any idea, any image


Choose a theme (from historic buildings to football club or family coats of arms, bullfighting, horses, flowers, etc.) or you can base the mural on a photo. Murals are prepared using the overglazed technique although can be prepared in combination with the cuerda seca technique for a unique composition. For more information about these techniques read the Crafting process section or visit our Brands page.

It just depends on your imagination

Patterned tiles

Whether you like one of our existing designs or a different one, you can choose or create your own tile designs that will be recreated by artisans using our palette of colours or matching your own colours for a unique composition. Each tile is handpainted using traditional Spanish techniques and fired in an oven. There are no limits!

Any idea, any image

Commercial Signs

Whether you want to decorate your place of business or just show your logo, our artisans can recreate any image. As original and distinctive as you can imagine, your premises will stand out.

If you can imagine it, we design it

Crafting process

The artisan starts making a paper sketch of the design which will be transferred to the tiles using grease ink and either perforated paper for murals or a traditional silk-screen printing technique for patterned tiles. The grease ink will prevent colours from mixing.

Colours are made by mixing white or transparent glaze and oxides and painted on the tiles with a horse hair brush. For murals, the artisan can create shades by combining colours. This is made painting with one colour over another.

Finally, the tiles are fired at nearly 1000ºC in a process that lasts 17 hours.

You can find more information on our Brands page or watching this video.

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